Why developers over choose Articulate among other e-learning tools?

Why developers over choose Articulate among other e-learning tools?

Why developers over choose Articulate among other e-learning tools?

Articulate, the one from the Adobe family continues to be a top notch in the market of rapid e-learning courses. The Articulate rapid e-learning studio professional is an integrated suite of three different applications Articulate Presenter, Articulate quizmaker and the Articulate Engage.

What accounts for their predominance in the market? Does it outperforms every other e-learning tools with its features and functionality ? Or is it over-rated?
Have a go through it………
Lets have an overview about the features of the application suite
As mentioned the application suite is integrated with three different applications
1.Articulate Presenter: Users can create e-learning courses by adding narration and interactivity to a PowerPoint file.
2.Quizmaker: Users can create highly customized Flash-based quizzes and assessments.
3.Engage: Users can create highly interactive learning modules.

Adobe has launched the latest of its e-learning tool, the Articulate storyline 2 .It comes with great features that enhances the functionality and user experience way over its old generation.
An analysis of Articulate storyline 2 with the existing e-learning tool in different areas of functionality

User Experience : Yes ,the significant one ease of use. Whatever be the extend of functionality an application provides it seems to exist literally if an user cannot access it. Articulate has focused to ensure a high level of user experience with its engaging interface.

Learning feels simple: It is quite comfortable for a beginner to get in touch with articulate. A User with a minimal experience in PowerPoint can access articulate to his requirement

Inbuilt e-learning assets: The most tedious part to develop an e-learning course is all about collecting images for the project. Articulate provides a wide variety of photographs exhibiting different emotions and commotions of characters.

Powerful interactions: Articulate emphasis on learning through interactions and never makes you to write code for the above .Articulate storyline comes with the concept of triggers, slide layers and variables to build very powerful and complex interactions.

Advanced Screen Capturing: The multiple screen capturing in articulate exhibits a different approach. At the end of screen capturing it displays as a high resolution video to the learners with zoom and pan features.

Mobile Friendly: Articulate enables user to view their learning courses though their mobiles and tablets. This makes the e-learning course to more attractive and accessible among a wide range of users.

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