Native Applications

Mobile Applications
Native applications are created on a specific operating platform and requires their native programming language for its development like Java for Android, Objective C for iOS and more. It is solely meant for the native users of a particular operating system. It is not accessible to users working on with different OS. These type of applications are meant to be installed only through their particular application store.

Our development team works on the following operating platforms


RIGHT Android

RIGHT Windows

Noodle Factory

Noodle Factory is an e-learning website offering different online courses to the users. They welcome users from all around the globe to choose the respective learning courses related to their area of interest. The website is build on WordPress and is integrated with Paypal Payment gateway to make online payments.

Neolink Technologies has provided us with impeccable, thorough, and top-tier support throughout our two years of working with them. Their team of professionals has been capable of developing, implementing, and troubleshooting any case that comes our way and has been readily available to help us accomplish those goals in a swift manner. Professionalism, excellent communication, and impeccable organization are all at the core of their values, making it a no-brainer that I strongly recommend this team.