WOOCOMMERCEWoocommerce, is an open source platform comes with high flexibility on its performance side. It comes as a plugin to the WORDPRESS. It provides a very user-friendly working experience. The features that makes Woocommerce accessible to a user with less technical knowledge includes

RIGHTBeing a WORDPRESS plugin it seems to be much a familiar experience for the user to work on

RIGHTDisplays a Professional touch in the performance

RIGHTProvides a very secure environment against threats

RIGHTProvides different set of themes for user customization

RIGHTAnalysis seems to be pretty simple for an inexperienced user

We continue to deliver the best in development and customization of E-commerce applications based on Woocommerce platform.


Muharraq is an established sports club in the name of the famous city in Baharin. The website features about different sports in which the club participates. It includes the game fixtures, information of players and gallery.

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