OPENCARTOpen cart, definitely one of the most popular shopping carts integrates flexibility, simplicity and multi-functionality to make it viable to e-commerce sector. The prime features of open cart include

RIGHTOpen source platform with high possibilities of user modifications

RIGHTMulti-store functionality enables the control of different stores from a single administration panel

RIGHTProvides multiple tax zones and an advanced report system to calculate the sales

RIGHTSupports multiple languages and currencies

RIGHTIt is very simple and light-weight platform and is primarily used for start up websites

Our Technical team emphasis on providing effective, user-friendly and quality driven E-commerce solutions using Opencart.


OSHC is an e-learning website specially designed for kids. They conduct online learning programs which emphasis on interactive learning through stories and featured games. The website is build using .Net technology featuring vibrant UI design which pulls out attention of kids.

Neolink Technologies has provided us with impeccable, thorough, and top-tier support throughout our two years of working with them. Their team of professionals has been capable of developing, implementing, and troubleshooting any case that comes our way and has been readily available to help us accomplish those goals in a swift manner. Professionalism, excellent communication, and impeccable organization are all at the core of their values, making it a no-brainer that I strongly recommend this team.