Privacy Policy


Things that we collect
Neolink always respect your privacy .We don’t collect your personal information on your visit to our websites. Our Data administrators just collect your domain name to assess your number of visits and just analyze areas of your interest in our website. Neolink also collects and stores information from users through submission forms and emails. The above strategy focus on improving the quality of our services and also to outspread our working platforms to areas of your concern. We inform you with a prior notification before employing cookies and proceeds only with your consent.

Information We Share

Neolink do not disclose any personal information or documents that you share with us to any third party. The information that you provide us via submission forms, queries and e-mails are securely stored in our database.


We ensure high level of security for the information that user submit to us. We emphasis on a very systematic data monitoring to prevent any situations of data misplace, mishandle and misinterpretations.

Change of Policy

Neolink’s privacy policy is subjected to changes and modifications and we possess the right to do so in accordance to the changes in market policies. We request you to review our privacy policy to get updated with the changes if any.

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