MVC applications

Model View Controller or MVC is a programmable model which serves as a framework for building web applications.

iconModel View Controller or MVC is a programmable model which serves as a framework for building web applications. MVC provides a clean, powerful and user-friendly interface to the web applications. MVC, precisely by the name can be segmented into three


MODEL represents the set of information that the system works. It deals with logic and business data and consists of pre-defined rules based on which data can be manipulated. Model mainly extends through


RIGHT An object layer which houses certain types of object to provide a powerful view. The controller uses these objects to transfer data to the VIEW section. These objects are accompanied by a pre-defined set of rules for their handling.

RIGHT Data Access layer consists of objects which enables the access of the application database. Data manipulation is made possible by using these set of objects

RIGHTLogic layer which deals with the implementation of the business related logic by making use of the data access layer. The controlled is assigned to access this layer directly for processing of the input and feed the VIEW with output.

VIEW precisely mentioned by its name does the transformation of model into developed user interface. It displays the output data that the controller feeds.

CONTROLLER, yes the brain which manipulates and controls the information present inside the MODEL and provides VIEW with right output to be displayed. It uses the application logic and work on the input data to provide the output.

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