Symfony is a very popular and established PHP framework that comes with a pretty decent code base community and documentation. It performs to be very flexible providing rapid application development features . Initially being a full stacked development framework, symfony has extended its flexibility through its advanced versions.

The make out features of symfony at a glance

RIGHTSymfony is written in PHP5 and aims at reducing the complexity of application development through its built in tools and classes

RIGHTSymfony has built in feature for data and interface translation, also for content localization

RIGHTSymfony enables designers to create templates and layouts without any pre-requisite knowledge about framework

RIGHTSymfony comes with built in e-mail and API management features

RIGHTSymfony with its built in helpers makes AJAX interactions simple

RIGHTSymfony houses authentication and credential features facilitating creation of user security management

RIGHTSymfony follows object oriented programming methodology

RIGHTSymfony is recommended for e-business websites and is compatible on almost every available databases

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