framework-icon-1Laravel ,the newbie in the PHP framework arena has acquired an active spot in the development of web applications. Laravel was developed as a solution to the lagging coded net of framework. Laravel imports many library classes from symphony 2 and integrates elements from different programming platforms to enhance the functionality of the web applications being built on it.
A go through over the features that makes laravel to stay as the top notch among the PHP frameworks.

RIGHTLaravel imports many library classes from symfony2 thus exhibiting many of the important functionalities that symfony provides

RIGHTLaravel supports data migrations ,entire instances of database can be re-created in different environment by running a command-line interface

RIGHTLaravel reduces the complexity of PHP development by controlling the views by its Blade Templating engine

RIGHTLaravel makes use of Javascript constructs which ensures a friendly environment for development of AJAX applications

RIGHTLaravel constructs called facades helps in building static classes and the concept of queues helps in asynchronous development to allow processing without interrupting PHP code execution

RIGHTLaravel incorporates a large number of tools facilitating web application necessities like forms and validations, authorization and localizations and payment processing

RIGHTLaravel supports dependency injection with inversion of control containers

RIGHTLaravel is JSON and REST-friendly

RIGHTLaravel uses its own ORM(Object Related Mapping) which utilizes active record pattern

RIGHTLaravel has a very active community providing technical support and updates with advanced possibilities of the framework in different development environments

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