A very powerful and commanding PHP framework that enables creation of web application with advanced features. Compared to other frameworks, it makes code portable and thus significantly makes it simple to use and fast in performance. Codeigniter comes with inbuilt library classes to meet the need for complicated functionalities. The must look features of codeigniter can be summarized as below

RIGHTCodeigniter follows an MVC architecture enabling a systematic application logic and minimize PHP scripting

RIGHTCodeigniter uses inheritance and object oriented programming

RIGHTCodeigniter has inbuilt routing system to determine what files to call, controllers to be used and actions to be performed

RIGHTCodeigniter comes with helper class to enhance the functionality of the application

Advantages of Codeigniter

RIGHTEasy to learn, adopt and deploy

RIGHTEasy handling and customization

RIGHTHigher flexibility offered by MVC architecture

RIGHTIn-built library classes enhances functionality

RIGHTEasy migration from server hosting to dedicated server hosting

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