It is an open source PHP based framework which provides a decent security for the applications. Since it is an MVC driven network, it is easy to read or modify data from the database. It uses well software engineering concepts and design patterns. CakePHP offers different features which turns out to make it a dynamic development platform.

RIGHTCakePHP follows MVC coding pattern, ensuring high flexibility and functionality

RIGHTCakePHP possess in-built functionalities which helps to handle access control lists, request handling and localizations

RIGHTCakePHP provides an automated configuration process which automatically recognize preferred settings

RIGHTCakePHP has built in authorization and security

RIGHTCakePHP core library possess bake script which automates CRUD(create, read, update and delete)scripting

RIGHTCakePHP includes View Helpers for JavaScript, Pagination, XML, Forms, RSS and much more

RIGHTCakePHP has a very large active community for technical support

Web facility

Web facility ,an hosting service provider delivering IT infrastructure facilities in United States. The website details about the IT services provided by the company. We transferred the website into WordPress providing interactive UI designs and enhancing the functionality.

Neolink Technologies has provided us with impeccable, thorough, and top-tier support throughout our two years of working with them. Their team of professionals has been capable of developing, implementing, and troubleshooting any case that comes our way and has been readily available to help us accomplish those goals in a swift manner. Professionalism, excellent communication, and impeccable organization are all at the core of their values, making it a no-brainer that I strongly recommend this team.