Early Days of Neolink Technologies

We always remember the moments in our dream journey


Celeberating 7 YEARS

Its a great to announce that we completed seven successfull years in the industry.

January, 2015

Building concepts to reality

With expertize achieved over the years we support startups to build their concepts. Few of those were submitted in bootcamp and got investors for it. Our development strategies helps us to meet the client needs.

February, 2014

More on mobile

Started building hybrid applications using Phonegap & Titanium. The team strength increased to twenty five with a dedicated team for Native and Hybrid mobile applications.

January, 2013

Look ahead

Neolink decided to start product development & sass appications. As an initial step created a team for Market study and Business analysis. The fully finished products are yet to be launched.

March, 2012

Dreams & Passion won't let you down

The Directors of the company conducts a meeting and decided to rebuild it again. The next 4-6 months was the most productive and amazing period of the company. Got clients from different continents and it helped to increase the team strength to Twenty with experts in SEO and Mobile applications.

February, 2011

Things changed quickly

The company decided to invest on another company in BPO sector and started two divisions in Cochin and Thrissur. Unfortunately it didn't go well and forced to withdraw after 6 months. It affected the progress of the company badly and had a stagnant situation.

January, 2010

Slow and steady progress

The company started running smoothly and team strenth increased to Fifteen. On the next meeting makes the plans for future developemnt and decides to move into different sectors other than Web design, .Net development and PHP development. Also shifted the office to ITES Habitat Centre, Kaloor, Cochin.

January, 2009

Hard work always pays off!

Signed a long term contract with an Irish company to support and maintain their client websites. It was the turning point and we increased the team stength to Eight. They remains our client for the next 4 years and we stayed with them until they decided stop the web/mobile application and concentrate on education industry through eLearning.

May, 2008

Starting the dream journey

After having few discussions about the future plans we started the company in a small space at Kalamassery, Cochin. The initial days was okay, later we experienced the bitterness of a startup. But our dream and hungry for success kept us on the industry.

January, 2008

Moving things quickly

The next day after the meeting, they met again and finalized the initial plan for starting the company. The the next day they resigned from the company and initiated the process.

November, 2007

Dream coming true

In 2007, On a meeting of friends, 2 colleagues discussed and shared their dreams. Surprisingly it was an initial step for the birth of a new company.

November, 2007

Muharraq is an established sports club in the name of the famous city in Baharin. The website features about different sports in which the club participates. It includes the game fixtures, information of players and gallery.

Neolink Technologies has delivered many successful projects for us and they are our number one chosen provider for web solutions. They never let us down, and provide excellent service and value. I would highly recommend them to others without hesitation.